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3d presentation of the recreation centre conception

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3d presentation of the recreation centre conception

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3D Graphics and Visualization

It is common knowledge that the modern world is a world of rapid and continuous technological development. The design and advertising spheres are no exception, and captious customers are neither satisfied with drawings, nor with sketches, nor even with finished three-dimensional mock-ups any more. Computer visualization technologies – 3D graphics and animation – offer completely new opportunities for both professionals and customers. They can see an object before the beginning of its construction, view it from every side, or create 3D perspectives from any point at any angle. A virtual model can be easily modified and perfected both from the inside (interior visualization), and from the outside (exterior visualization), which allows you to save both resources and time.

3D Graphics and Animation

Today three dimensional computer graphicsis a tool for creating of 3D models of objects of any level of complexity in virtual space. Visit our site to have a look at our works in 3D graphics and visualization, architectural animation, as well as our presentations and commercials.

Architectural Design and Visualization

Exterior and interior animation are among the services we provide. The 3D VIZ studio is a successful designer of large-scale projects of office buildings, commercial and housing properties. We carry out computer-aided design of large and small architectural forms, residential and public buildings. During several years of existence our creative team have participated in development of more than fifty projects including large business centers, such as the Moscow International Business Center ("Moscow-City").
We are also active in the advertising sphere, creating 3D versions of presentations and outdoor advertising in accordance with your sketches and desires.

3D VIZ studio offers the following services:

  • Creation of multimedia presentations
  • Architectural visualization
  • Computer graphics
  • Animation
  • Presentation movies
  • Landscape architecture visualization
  • Interior visualization
  • Interactive models
  • Presentation of projects
  • Modeling


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