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3D VIZ studio offers next generation computer graphics and technology. All types of three-dimensional visualization of information (3D graphics and animation), visualization of models with texturing, 3D max visualization of interiors and architectural forms. Professional technical basis enables the studio to provide interactive simulation services for any information (interactive modeling of personal image, hair styles, interior design, interactive models of technical drawings of combustion engines, etc.).


When developing projects of interior design and interior visualization the following information on interior views of buildings must be taken into account:


1. Building plans.
2. Lofts of walls.
3. Sections of complex structural assemblies.
4. List of finishing materials (colors, texture samples, scans from catalogues, etc.)
5. Furniture layout, guidelines for furniture decoration materials and colors.
6. If modeling of project furniture is required, drawings, shots made from different angles, and overall dimensions should be provided.
7. Layout of light sources. Description of brands and types of light sources.
8. Guidelines for lighting of the premises being visualized (artificial, natural).
9. Information on desired viewing types of the visualized premises.
10. Guidelines for detailing and filling.


Visualization of architectural projects requires that the following parameters be defined:

1. Master plan of surrounding terrain (if adjacent territory and surrounding buildings have to be imaged as well).
2. Development plan for the territory.
3. Floor plans of dissimilar floors (beginning with the ground floor).
4. Roof layout.
Longitudinal and cross sections, especially if the structure is of a complex form.
6. Color images of building facades (drawings with designation of finishing materials are possible).


All these data are an obligatory part of project documents worked out by an organization which designs the object.

It is preferable that data and drawings for visualization be presented in AutoCAD format (.dwg)

* Implementation of an order is possible even with a lack of required materials! Such situations are especially characteristic of projects in the development stage which, nevertheless, have to be presented to clients and partners. In this case visualization of the project will be created based on your recommendations.




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