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Architectural and Interior Visualization

Architectural visualization is essential when you need precise presentation of a concept or when you want to present your concept with maximum effectiveness, realism and style. With our technologies you will be able to "walk" inside or outside the models of buildings in real time, view them at any angle, see people and cars moving around, add vegetation, spots of light, reflections in glass panes and polished floors, show realistic shadows and water.

Creation of interactive presentations using architectural and interior visualization may include a high degree of interactivity of building models: for example, doors opening when the camera approaches them, elevators and escalators responding to user actions.

Models can possess interactivity impossible in the real world: for example, one can show electric wiring and plumbing on building walls (as well as under the building and on adjacent territory) to demonstrate the possibility/impossibility of equipment installation and erection of additional buildings.

A modeled 3D 3D architectural solution will be the best addition to a project and to a traditional model of a building. The customer will have a better idea of advantages of the project when they see how the project will look after its implementation in the conditions of the real landscape.



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