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Corporate video
The purpose of the video film and the means of its distribution defines its script, duration, content and many other parameters – its format.br>
Corporate video formats include:

- Video about the company
- Video about products and/or services
- Video for an exhibition / round table
- Presentation video (dynamic presentation of the first two items).

Corporate video is an effective means of getting a bigger coverage and it also serves as a reminder about you, your products or services.


This is an image product! Here you can showcase your company, tell its history, introduce its managing board and discuss plans for the future. Videos about the company usually accompany videos about products and/or services of the company. Video about the company is also a support product for your company personnel, which helps achieve an enthusiastic atmosphere in the company, strengthen the community spirit and confidence in the company, a feeling of belonging to a shared work and goals, a sense of a pride in belonging to the company, at the same time improving and strengthening relations within the company, increasing the level of confidence in the company and every employee, and giving a sense of belonging to a coherent team.

Each product or service requires correct presentation. The purpose of such videos is to give detailed information on the products or services of your company. Printed materials do not lend themselves to the tasks of seeing and hearing. Simultaneous engagement of two major perceptive organs allows to achieve a much greater effect. In such videos we facilitate the process of perception of the information by using memorable images, which are the basis of any modern presentation of all kinds (sales presentation, demo, report, lecture, etc.).


Three major points – colorful, dynamic, eye-catching! These are the key features which a movie for an exhibition should possess. The purpose of this movie is to stop passers-by, attract their attention, make them ask questions. Here we do not pin-point anything particular (products/services).

Together with the dynamic video one can show videos about products and the company. In case of exhibitions, videos allow not only to perform a thorough presentation of products or services, but to avoid the costs of shipping of bulky exhibits and costs of rent of additional exhibition space as well. After the exhibition the same movie can be used as a video presentation distributed on CDs.


These videos are a sort of descriptions wherein the technically adequate information on high-tech products is presented in a laconic and entertaining form and reflects the originality of the technical solution, principle of operation, physical configuration, design, and technical characteristics. Such videos demonstrate products in use, show their operational environment, field of application, prospects of use, and contain information about the manufacturer as well.

1. The video about your company must be of a high quality!
2. Contrary to the popular belief, shooting and production of video is not the most expensive type of works.


The soundtrack in a video is as important as the video sequence.

The narration is recorded by professional speakers, and the sound recorded at shooting is filtered from ambient noise. Sound effects create an unforgettable effect of being in the heat of the action.

If necessary, the video can be dubbed in foreign languages.

We provide the full production complex. From video shooting to copying of CDs / DVDs with your promotional materials.



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